Anne Smith Basco C-IAYT, Yoga Therapist

Therapeutic Yoga with Anne

As a professional Yoga Therapist with 37 years of experience, I help individuals manage physical and mental health through the practice of therapeutic yoga.

Combining modern scientific understanding (Physical Therapy and new research findings in the care and nurturing of our nervous systems) with ancient therapeutic yoga practices:

  • allows a wider  understanding of how the body changes and functions over time
  • life experiences with each client are varied
  • different approaches may be necessary to meet each client's needs.

I have a compassionate desire to help individuals relieve suffering related to temporary or permanent loss of function, chronic pain, stress, and trauma. My approach to Yoga Therapy involves adapting movement and utilizing therapeutic techniques to support the holistic wellness of each individual client.  techniques such as

  • adapting yoga postures
  • breathing exercises
  • mental focus
  • visualization
  • mindfulness
  • somatic meditation

I believe in the power of Yoga Therapy to deepen one's personal capacity for self-regulation of body, mind, and spirit.

You are invited to collaborate with me in finding ways to improve your balance, flexibility, strength, and mental-emotional well-being through the practice of Yoga Therapy.

Together, we can work towards a greater sense of overall well-being and resilience.

Peace & Blessings,