Gratitude: Transform Perception

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Transform Perception
A home Physical Therapist who was working with my 90 year old father was reviewing his progress with me. She made the sorts of summaries in the flavor of strength, balance, endurance and more that I made back in the day, but there was one extra point she made.

Perception. Part of the overall concept of healing is improving or the perception of improving.

The concept of improving or gaining is so tightly woven into the self esteem in western culture that there is little room for the concept of gratitude for what is working well.

Yoga therapy shifts perception from the need to experience shortness of breath, feel pain, and strain in order to improve. We learn to cultivate a deepened sense of gratitude toward our own experience of vitality and connectedness to a consciousness greater than ourselves. The perception of the need to change ourselves is replaced with the perception of contentment in the present moment.

Gratitude transforms perception of “I-am-not-enough” to this moment is enough, this breath is enough, this body is enough.

Peace & Pranams,

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