Therapeutic Yoga: the art of finding center


Online Teaching and taking class from home

Balancing our lives and staying healthy matters. 
This idea is foremost in our minds as we face the expression–
individual and collective– of disarray in our most closely held beliefs:  
we have a right to feel protected and safe, and we have the right
to pursue our livelihood unobstructed.

I believe in science and creativity.
Science tells us we need to survive.
All Therapeutic Yoga Classes are Live-Stream only.

Creativity prompts us to think outside the box to new realities in our lives into logical and safe functional patterns to survive.

Through the viewpoint of subtle anatomy in the human body, the first three chakras of the 7 chakra system are getting a major reset.  
1.  Muladhara:  the right exist
2. Svadhisthana:  the right to move freely/creatively in our world
3. Manipura:  personal power

Therapeutic yoga addresses the potential disruption of these and all the chakras in the human energy system in favor of balanced functioning.

In addition, I’ve taken an interest in creating home practices not only based on the expressed needs of students but also to include:

  • online live-streaming in your home
  • creative re-purposing of your home furnishings to function as yoga props
  • pranayama techniques to recruit and preserve optimal functioning of the functional anatomy of breathing
  • mindfulness practices to manage stress

All of the group classes continue to be offered online via Zoom.
Private yoga sessions are available Tuesday-Saturday via Zoom.

Private groups/special events are scheduling group classes via Zoom.

You need not suffer isolation and loss of mind-body connection.
Your walks and other aerobic activities are absolutely necessary yet do not fully foster the holistic mind/body nurturing circle of connection.

Ways to Zoom/Participate from home:

Please make arrangements to pay for your classes with me via text or phone:  206/878-9642

Ways to pay:

I can send a Zelle request, cc via phone (206)878-9642, or mail a check to:  Karuna Arts Yoga, PO Box 304, Seahurst, WA. 98062

Zoom Link:

Password: Please contact for Password

Meeting ID:


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Photo by Anne Smith Basco

Karuna Arts Yoga is located in Burien, Washington

All Classes and Private Appointments Live-Streaming to your home.

Karuna Arts Yoga, 2108 SW 152nd Street, Suite J, Burien, Washington

Phone: 206/878-9642

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