Managing Holiday Stress


Breathing into the Body: Managing Holiday Stress
with Anne Smith Basco, Certified Yoga Therapist

Plan on joining me Saturday, December 9th, 12 noon-1:30 pm
Stress during the holiday season is common with symptoms including:

(from Mayo Clinic Online)

Common effects of stress on your body
Muscle tension or pain
Chest pain
Change in sex drive
Stomach upset
Sleep problems

Common effects of stress on your mood
Lack of motivation or focus
Feeling overwhelmed
Irritability or anger
Sadness or depression

Common effects of stress on your behavior
Overeating or undereating
Angry outbursts
Drug or alcohol abuse
Tobacco use
Social withdrawal
Exercising less often

In this 90 minute class you will experience:
1) Breathing techniques: pranayama
2) Active and supported yoga postures
2) Sound Bath Meditation

Workshop Fee: $18

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