Breathe. Open. Strengthen. Be.

Each class is extemporaneous, that is, unscripted and based on the needs of those present and include foundational elements promoting a healthy, balanced spine combined with creative exploration and application of breathwork/pranayama. I hold a deep passion for creating a balanced and accurate practice that sketches the wellbeing needs of each singular client or group of individuals.

Anne has taught yoga full time for nineteen years (since 2002) including group yoga classes, private yoga sessions, teacher training/continuing education and workshops. Prior to devoting full time professional engagement in holistic well being, Anne practiced Physical Therapy for 13 years.

Anne receives private clients via Zoom and at her current location–Karuna Arts Yoga, 2108 SW 152nd Street, Burien, Washington–and is available for off site workshops and events.

Anne’s teaching draws from a deep commitment to inspirit yoga and meditation practice benefits for all. Her ability to adapt yoga and meditation techniques adds quality to a spectrum of offerings suiting each person’s needs. Her teaching embodies breath development, joint protection, coordination, and balance along with improved awareness of the present moment.

Training: 200 hours with Laura Yon Brooks, 300 Hours with Ananda Seva Mission, 20 hours with Erich Schiffmann

Professional Affiliation: International Association of Yoga Therapists with C-IAYT designation