Private Yoga Sessions with Anne

Born this way….

It is impossible to avoid.

This is the moment you and I were meant to experience, you there, me here.

Can you witness this moment without all of the accumulated filters…

Is your moment free of judgement, knowing who you think I am and deciding how to classify it? Can you be at ease in uncertainty long enough to see your center? (Do I make you uncomfortable saying this?)

I am willing to surrender completely as I step onto the yoga mat, willing to forget the past and willing to stop planning the outcome. Will you?

Can we BOTH be in the moment together without compulsions generated by ego and the perception of experience?

My eyes see where you have been restricting yourself from your fullness. I see you moving and hesitating, missing the fullness of who you are…you may be unaware that anything could be is missing.

Come with me, lets agree.

Lets agree to be together and breathe, forgetting the past and flowing fully together here in the present.

Private Yoga Sessions with Anne:
Private yoga sessions provide hands on experience. Learn where to focus your energy, where to relax in a session with Anne.
Private sessions by appointment:
$80 each
4 one hour sessions $256 (paid in advance, must be used within two months)
8 one hour sessions $500 (paid in advance, must be used within four months)300715_10150265993893173_3937085_n[1][1]

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