Thank you for the beautiful work you’ve given in these last classes since Friday for the first and second chakras. Warrior 1 feels like a great big hug from you to me! 🙂 I feel so blessed to have your support and wisdom as I am learning and discovering so much.

I am accepting that my work might mostly be to stop “working” and to let my heart (and my hips) just be present. Such a strange experience I carry now: realizing that I cannot sense where my lower spine actually is in space – and to keep understanding what that means – and what strengthening that area will mean!!!

Thank you, more than you can know – thank you, for the incredible work and gifts and blessings you bring to the people around you.

My life is forever changed because I know you . . . and the best part is . . . we’ve only just begun.

In deep gratitude, love and friendship

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