Anne’s classes are healing and restorative.

Ann is a local treasure. Intuitive, kind, knowledgeable and generous. I’m glad she’s in my life.

Philip Lundstrom

She works to tailor her teaching

Anne, because of her experience as a Physical Therapist, is aware of postures and movements that could potentially be harmful to some people. So she works to tailor her teaching to what students need and what their strength and limitations

Ann Tamminen

Anne is a fabulous yoga instructor

I’ve been taking private yoga lessons from Anne for many years. I highly recommend Anne’s style of therapeutic yoga to anyone who wants to keeping moving as they age. Anne is a fabulous yoga instructor.

Holly Haynes

I always feel so much better

Anne is simply amazing at her practice. She starts every session by asking what each of us needs from the practice that day. She then seamlessly blends our requests to deliver in such a way that each of us would swear she had tailored the session just for us. I always feel so much better – destressed, stretched out, and strengthened (mentally and physically) – by the end.

Leslie Sims

A pleasure to work with

Really talented instructor with great knowledge and teaching skills. Unique ability to listen to areas of concern and adapt poses and movements to address. Anne’s very positive attitude and approach makes her a pleasure to work with.

Dan Rees

A great experience for all students

Anne’s yoga classes are essential for good health and mobility – and she offers classes to meet everyone’s needs & abilities! Her approach to movement is guided by her background in physical therapy, in unity with years of experience with yoga theory and practice – resulting in a great experience for all students.

Julie Fluke

An amazing yoga teacher

Anne is an amazing yoga teacher and incredibly gifted at understanding what her clients need most. I found Anne about three months ago while looking for healthy ways to cope after the death of my father. I’m still new to my practice, but it is amazing how yoga can bring healing to a broken heart. I’m forever grateful the universe connected me and Anne.

Bobbie E

She is inspirational

I have been working with Anne for over 15 years. Doing privates for about 10 years. I also do her senior yoga and chair yoga. It is amazing how much understanding she has for the body. I am enjoying good health now into my 76th year because of her understanding of the body. She is inspirational as well, always reaching for a better way. Her classes are creative and fun. Most of us in the Senior class are good friends, as we see each other week after week for years now. It’s so much nicer to work with Anne than to be seeing doctors with the unending pill regimen. She is a marvelous community resource!!!

Janice Kintner

Quality Yoga Sessions

Anne is a wonderful yoga teacher. After having an emergent spinal surgery, that I never fully recovered from, a typical yoga class doesn’t work for me. Anne understands my limitations and is extremely helpful in offering adjustments so I can fully participate and maximize my yoga practice. She takes requests at the beginning of each class which is wonderful because the classes are always different and customized to the attendees. I highly recommend.

Emily N

Great Communication

Anne worked as a physical therapist before she found yoga and the benefits for herself and decided to make therapeutic yoga and helping people discover how to heal and maintain their bodies and minds in a safe method her mission. She builds on yoga postures to provide flexibility, strength and balance for all levels and ages. I look forward to her sunny attitude for both in person and Zoom classes and private sessions.

Betty Bollert

Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I always leave Anne’s Yoga with Weights class feeling so much better. Weird muscle kinks resolved; attitude toward my fellow man improved; whole body glowing. Anne has the wonderful ability to teach to all levels at the same time in the same class. Her combined background of yoga and physical therapy allows her to offer modifications and adjustments on the fly while still challenging those more fit and because the class is live instead of recorded she can address urgent issues that crop up. My skepticism about not meeting in person has been assuaged as she logs on and chats with us before class and after and the community feeling has survived the move online. Her spirituality, inventiveness, and sense of humor make class the best part of my day.

Kent Clan