What is Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy

the art of finding center

Balancing our lives and staying healthy matters, well being matters.  With this idea foremost in our minds we align ourselves in resilience as we encounter individual and collective change.

Therapeutic yoga practice is well being in real-time.  It is up to each of us to choose to practice well being. This approach to well-being prompts our sense of mindful tending to our structural, physiological, and mental balance as expressed in small awarenesses moment to moment.  Collectively, these mindful awarenesses contribute to a sense of holism--the idea that various systems should be viewed as vital constituents to the whole being, not merely as a collection of separate parts.

I believe in science and creativity.  Science informs us about well being through methodical research.  Creativity prompts us to think outside the box toward understanding and developing relationships in our lives and ultimately to logical and safe functional patterns to thrive in a state of well being. Unified science and creativity make accessible the awareness and nurturing of relationships within that contribute the overall consciousness of the experience of well being.

1)  Pranayama techniques recruit and preserve optimal functioning of the functional anatomy and physiology of breathing and soothe the mind.

2)  Mindfulness practices improve focus on the present moment.

3)  Asana or yoga postures are adapted to align with balancing essentials of each individual.

Therapeutic yoga addresses reintroduction to balance in our well being: generally structure, mind, and energetic systems.  These imbalances can manifest in many ways, a range of which may include:

  • Arthritis

  • Balance

  • Joint care

  • Hip, pelvic, and low back care

  • Asthma/breathing changes

  • Upper back problems

  • Shoulder, Arm, wrist care

  • Insomnia

  • Stress/Anxiety

All of the therapeutic group classes continue to be offered online via Zoom.  Private therapeutic yoga appointments offered via Zoom or with COVID-19 precautions onsite on a limited basis.

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