Yoga to Relieve Low Back Pain, Nov. 4th

Saturday, November 4th


Common lower back conditions can be debilitating and source from a variety of issues. Yoga can be either helpful or aggravating depending on how a practice is approached!
In this workshop we will: 
Learn gentle approaches to stabilize and strengthen the lower back including gentle safe stretching to release tension and muscle spasms
Effective practices to stabilize the sacrum and relieve nagging pain of sciatica
Explore healthy postural and movement principles to help reduce pain and prevent future injury
Participants will receive handouts so that they can practice at home!
This workshop is for anyone interested in reducing chronic lower back pain or who is at a point in recovering from injury where they have been given permission by their doctor to engage in gentle exercise.
This workshop is also for yoga teachers who are interested in learning effective tools for serving students or clients with lumbar or sacral conditions.
Anne Smith Basco has been nurturing balance back into lives for 31 years. Blending a rich knowledge of Physical Therapy practice with Yoga Therapy, Anne has developed a holistic and valued approach to a broad variety of clients who need a balanced approach to wellness and yoga teachers who wish to learn. She has served her local community at her yoga therapy studio in the Seattle area for 15 years.
Saturday, November 4th, 2017; 12 noon-2:30 pm
Workshop fee: $25.00

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